So you have purchased the dress of your dreams but it doesn’t fit! Don’t worry 99% of wedding dresses dont. They are made to a size and nearly always need alterations to make them fit perfecly for the brides special day.

Below are some important points that we advise our brides about to ensure your dress fittings are as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

1. The Fittings

 Ideally we ask that you are at your target weight for the first alteration fitting which is normally 6 to 8 weeks before your wedding (can be closer if really       needed). This ensures that when we pin your dress for the altertions it is correct, which means there is no need for lots of extra fittings and no additional cost for yourself. You will normally have 2 to 4 fittings depending on the comlexity of the altertions.

2. Exercise

The following exercises build muscle and bulk in the wrong places for most wedding dresses and are to be avoided (ignore your personal trainer we have seen brides add 2 to 4 inches on thier back and shoulders in 1 month from cross training alone) aerobic is best. Dont do the following……

* Rowing

*Cross trainer (arms)

*Swimming with lots of upper body movement

*Heavy weight lifting

*Push ups

* Squats if having a fitted dress

*Pole dancing

3. What to bring to your alteration fittings

*The actual shoes you will be wearing

*The bra you will be wearing (if having one, if not we can supply cups)

*Any bodyshape wear (if wearing) 

*Your hoop/ peticoat, if you dont have one we have them at our premises to buy or hire

* It is always best to bring the person who is getting you into the dress to your final fitting so we can show them how to do your dress up and how best to get you into it.

* Bridesmaids can be accomodated in one fitting by prior arrangement all together or can make seperate appointments